Why is my fibre internet slow?

Troubleshooting tips for slow internet, including how to check your internet speed, router connection, devices and WiFi signal. See Full Answer

How do I work my fibre router?

Instructions for using the Lakeland Networks Managed Router, including features, buttons and lights. See Full Answer

How do I log into my fibre router?

Detailed instructions for how to access your router's admin area. See Full Answer

How do I change my fibre WiFi settings?

Instructions for changing your WiFi network's name and password. See Full Answer

Why can’t I see my WiFi network name?

What to do if you're unable to find or connect to your WiFi network. See Full Answer

How can I extend my fibre WiFi range?

Lakeland Networks offers a wireless extender that can increase your network's range. See Full Answer

Can I relocate the splice box or router?

Information about relocating Lakeland Networks fibre internet equipment. See Full Answer

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