Fibre Internet FAQs

Why can’t I see my WiFi network name?

If your Lakeland ONT (Router) is connected to the internet but your device does not see your wireless network name, try the following:

  1. Verify that other devices cannot connect or see the WiFi. If at least one device can connect, please try rebooting the device that is not connecting and try again.
  2. If you cannot see your custom WiFi name, your router may be using the default wireless settings. You can find the default settings on the sticker on the front of the router.
    ‘SSID’ – Wi-Fi name
    ‘WPA Key’ – Wi-Fi Password
  3. If you are able to see the default settings, log into your router and change your Wi-Fi settings back to your custom Wi-Fi settings. See: How do I change my fibre WiFi settings?

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