How do I register for the Lakeland phone portal?

How to create a new account to manage your Lakeland Networks phone account. See Full Answer

What are the star codes for my phone service?

A list of keypad codes used to access features like voicemail, call forwarding, call blocking, caller ID and more. See Full Answer

How can I access my voicemail or change my outgoing message?

How to manage the voicemail feature of your phone service. See Full Answer

How can I forward my number?

How to activate or disable the call forward feature. See Full Answer

How do I block phone numbers?

How to block specific numbers from calling you, or how to block numbers that do not have caller ID. See Full Answer

How can I keep my old phone number?

If you are moving to Lakeland Networks from a different phone company and you want to keep your phone number, DO NOT CANCEL YOUR ... See Full Answer

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