We have plenty of functionalities in our ONT (Router) like Parental controls, Port Forwarding or even the ability to setup a Guest Wi-Fi.
Feel free to Log into the ONT and take a look.

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The WPS feature allows you to connect devices to the Wireless network without using the Passcode. This feature is benificial for Printers and TVs where it is harder to enter the password.
To activate this feature press the ‘WPS’ button on the router until the light flashes green, then press the ‘WPS’ button or follow the prompts on the device you are trying to connect. This should connect your devices to the wireless network.

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There are multiple factors that will affect your wireless signal

1. Transmitting through objects – The material those objects are made out of will determine how much it impacts the wireless speed. Metal and concrete are the hardest for wireless signals to pass through, while wood, drywall and insulation are not as bad, but can still affect the signal.
2. Saturation of the Wi-Fi signal – Saturation occurs when there are numerous wireless routers surrounding your location.
3. Older Devices – The router will lower the signal quality to accommodate an older device, affecting all other devices on the network.
4. Device Location – If the router is having problems connecting to a device that is farther away, it will affect the communication to all other devices.

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Solid Green – Active and working
Flashing Green – booting up / getting update from Lakeland servern

Solid Green – Connected to Lakeland Networks
Solid Red or off – Contact Lakeland Networks for Support

Flashing Green – Connected to Internet (flashes as data flows through the service)
Solid Red or off – Contact Lakeland Networks for Supportn

WiFi 2.4 GHz / WiFi 5 GHz
Solid Green – Wi-Fi is active with no devices connected to it
Flashes Green – Devices are connected and data is flowing through the Wi-Fi
Off – Wi-Fi has been turned off

Ethernet 1-4
Flashing Green – When a device is connected to that port on the ONT and data is flowing through it

Phone 1 or 2
Flashing Green – Indicates that that there is a voicemail when no one is on the phone, or will flash if there is someone on the phone.

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There are multiple factors that will affect your Internet speed

1. Connection to the Router – Depending if your device is wireless or connected through a wired Ethernet (Cat5e or higher) cable, your speeds could be different.
2. The age of the device, the operating system and the browser that the device is using can all affect the speed of the service.
3. Other devices connecting to the Internet can affect the speed of the service

IMPORTANT: We recommend using newer devices to reach maximum Internet speeds. If you use older devices on your home network, not only will they not be able to reach maximum speeds, but they can also slow down your whole network.

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Depending on the computer, your connection to the internet will be much faster and more reliable when connected directly to the router.

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Verify that other devices cannot connect / see the WiFi. If at least one device can connect please try rebooting the device that is not connecting and try again.

If you cannot see your custom Wi-Fi name your router may be using the default wireless settings.
You can find the default settings on the sticker on the front of the router.

‘SSID’ – Wi-Fi name
‘WPA Key’ – Wi-Fi Password

If you are able to see the default settings, please CLICK HERE for instructions on how to change your Wi-Fi settings back to your custom Wi-Fi settings.

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Your router may be in a poor location which can cause the Wi-Fi to have trouble reaching your device. Usually the best location for your router is on the main floor of the house, several feet off the floor (on a table of some kind is good). The LED lights should be pointing in the direction that you want to cover.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the router is in the open and not being blocked by anything. The more objects the signal has to travel through, the more degraded, or weaker, the signal will be when it gets to your device. Avoid metal objects and electronic equipment. Consider if duct work could be blocking the signal to another room or floor.

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Please look at the lights on the ONT (Router)
You should see Green lights next to Broadband and Service. If either of these light are off or red, please contact our support department for further assistance.
Please note that the Service light will be flashing green if data is flowing through your ONT (Router)

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Contact the customer support department and we can schedule a technician to relocate the equipment.
Sending a technician is a billable charge.

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Contact the customer support department to inquire about getting a longer fibre optic cable.
Please have a measurement of how long of a cable you need when you call. We can provide cables between 2 – 40 meters in length.

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Make sure your device is connected to the ONT (Router) either through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection.
Open a web browser and type in into the address bar and hit enter.
You will see a login page with a username and password field.
You will find those credentials on the bottom of a sticker on the router labeled ‘Default Settings’. The username is before the forward slash (‘/’) and the password is what follows.
Once you have entered that information to log in, you can make the changes you need.

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We now offer a wireless extender for our customers. This extender can connect to the faster 5 GHz frequency and can be located further in your house to reach places that seem to have a weak connection with the router. Please contact our Support Team for more information.

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By purchasing a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and plugging your router into the battery side, this will ensure the router stays on during a power outage.
At this time Lakeland Networks does not provide its customers with a UPS, however you can purchase one from your preferred computer retail store.

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On the back of the router there will see 4 yellow ports used for networking. Plug an ‘Ethernet Cable’ (Cat5e or higher) from one of these ports into your computer. The light associated with that port will go green and start flashing, indicating that it is communicating with the computer.

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For best speed test results, plug a computer into the router with an Ethernet (Cat5e or higher) cable, making sure the cable is not damaged.

Go to speedtest.lakelandnetworks.com.

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1. Connect to your Lakeland Networks Router either through a hardwire Ethernet networking cable or through the default Wi-Fi connection.
– PLEASE NOTE: If you Change the Wi-Fi while you are on the Wi-Fi. It may disconnect in the middle of the process and you may need to reconnect with some of the changes.
– BEST PRACTICE: Make Wi-Fi Changes while connected with a network cable.

a. To connect to the default Wi-Fi use the sticker located on the bottom of the router

– SSID (Wi-Fi Name)
– WPA key (W-Fi Password)

2. Once connected to Log into your Lakeland Networks Router

a. Open your desired web browser
b. In the address bar, type
c. You will be brought to a page, prompting you for your username and password
d. You can find the admin username and password located on the front white label of you Lakeland Networks Router

e. Enter the information and click “Login”

3. Click on the “Wireless” tab

4. You will see your 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz networks on the left hand side

5. Under each network select “SSID Setup”

6. You will now have the option to use the default name, or the name you’d like. You may enter it in the text field then click “Apply”

7. Just underneath “SSID Setup” select “Security”

8. Here you can use the default security key, or one of your own. You may enter it in the text field then click “Apply”

9. Please repeat steps 4-7 under the 5GHz network as well.

10. Once you have changed the Wi-Fi Name in the router, you will now need to connect your devices to the new Wi-Fi

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Yes, certain lights on the ONT (Router) will flash if there is data flowing through the device.

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