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Working at Lakeland

Diversity in the Workplace

At Lakeland Networks, safety is our core and always comes first. Safety in the workplace incorporates making sure everyone feels included, and equal. Our People & Culture Coordinator offers insight into what Diversity, Equity and Inclusion means and what that should look like in the workplace.

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Family Atmosphere

Our small-town values and atmosphere set us apart from larger city internet service provider companies. Our family, here at Lakeland Networks, is dedicated to the team and is happy to get our surrounding neighbourhoods connected. Read our June 2022 issue in the Dockside magazine to learn more about our happy, hardworking family at Lakeland.

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Lakeland Networks’ IT Team

Lakeland Networks’ Information Technology Team ensures that Lakeland staff have secure, functional systems. Each team member plays a crucial, but unique role in reviewing, implementing, and managing core infrastructure and new technological solutions.

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Engage the Employment of Summer Students

This past summer, Lakeland Networks had the benefit of welcoming students on board to join the team. In various departments such as marketing, tech support, and construction, students developed skills in their area of passion.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder—Productivity Tips

It can be challenging to stay productive when you are pulled in a hundred different directions at once. But, over time, and with dedication, one can adapt and implement minor changes that can create an increase in one’s output. 

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The Right Direction

After graduating from McMaster University in 2020, I did not want to find just any job, but to find a place where I could begin my career in the GIS industry. Lakeland Networks gave me a place to nurture and expand on what I had learned in school, as well as gain new insights and hands on experience.

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An Optimistic Environment

Working for a large company can be intimidating to those who haven’t yet stepped foot into the business world—bosses, responsibilities, and deadlines. However, my coworkers at Lakeland have changed my perspective of the reality of working for an established organization.

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Local Customer Service

Our local customer service team is here to serve you. Whether you are a new or existing Lakeland Networks customer we are here to help as quickly as possible.

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Work-Life Balance

While completing my Communication Studies degree, I have had the opportunity of working hands on, in the field of telecommunications and marketing for Lakeland Networks. This means I am also gaining experience of what it means to juggle a work-life balance.

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