Working Together is our Success

Apr 11, 2024

Written by Dave Keith

The importance of teamwork is an ongoing goal and area that companies, sports teams, groups, and even families all have in common.  Everyone knows sayings such as “two heads are better than one” or “there is no “I” in team.” Working together can achieve more, and many hands make light work. At Lakeland, our goal is no different, teamwork is a necessity for true success.

Successful teamwork is not an easily achievable objective.  Building chemistry among people is a challenge, gaining buy in and commitment from individuals for shared success can be difficult, sacrificing for the greater good is never easy, and having all compromise at many levels can be very complex.

Lakeland team working together in a conference room with projectors on either wall.

Our best successes, whether they be in the financial area, in the competitive landscape, building our network, or in individual and team personal growth, have unquestionably all come though the collective efforts of all at Lakeland.

Lakeland staff at boardroom table talking and smiling.

Benefits of Teamwork:

  1. Effective communication
  2. Improved brainstorming
  3. Common goals are encouraged
  4. Better skill and experience set for problem solving
  5. Builds trust 
  6. Improves company culture
  7. Creates better efficiency 
  8. Increases employee engagement
  9. Motivates high performing teams
  10. Develops individual strengths

At Lakeland Networks, we are challenged in continued growth and achieving success, as we are a much smaller organization than our market competitors.  We realize the significance of small wins and ensure we continue to make steps forward. No one wins or succeeds alone. No one succeeds without failing. 

We have a diverse group of people, skill sets, and experience to which we continually must focus on to obtain synergy.   Our team includes customer installers, fibre splicers, construction workers, drop crews, a drill team, network operations people, IT staff, customer service representatives, sales representatives, technical support roles, financial and human resources, operations teams, executives, and planners.  Our team, having all walks of life with regards to experience, from students to lifelong career developed professionals, focuses on bettering our team environment for everyone’s benefit.

“Thank you to each and every team member for what they do daily and their important contributions.”

–Dave Keith
Director of Business Development and Operations

Lakeland team outside posing together in front of a waterfall.