A Day in the Life as a Scheduler

Jan 30, 2024

Written by: Amy Pritchard

In this first-person account, let me, Amy, take you through my role of scheduling and creating a seamless experience for new customers joining the Lakeland Networks family.

Drone image of Muskoka neighbourhood among colour changing trees in the fall with a lake in the distance

The first order of business is delving into the day’s installations. Armed with a cup of coffee, I pour over the schedule. It’s not just about filling time slots; it’s about creating a blueprint for connectivity, ensuring that each installation is a step towards a flawless customer experience.

As the morning progresses, I find myself immersed in a juggling act. Coordinating with technicians, aligning geographical logistics, and factoring in the unique needs of each customer—it’s a delicate balance. Communication becomes my lifeline, ensuring everyone involved is synchronized.

No day is without its challenges. From weather to traffic to unforeseen adjustments. I adapt in real-time, ensuring that the schedule remains on course despite the unseen challenges.

2 Lakeland technicians walking through a garage before they head out to a service call.

Amidst the hustle, I take a moment to connect with our customers. Confirming appointments, addressing concerns, and adding a personal touch to the schedule transforms it into more than just time slots—I want every customer to feel valued and reassured as they await our arrival.

As the day comes to an end, feedback from technicians and customers is gathered, laying the foundation for continuous improvement. It’s not just about what went right but understanding how we can make every installation even better.

Behind every successful installation, there’s a scheduler working to ensure that the journey into the world of Lakeland Networks is seamless, efficient, and exceeds expectations.

Lakeland customer service representative at computer and wearing a headset.

A day in my life as a scheduler is a story of planning, adaptability, and dedication to the craft of connectivity. It’s not just about managing time slots; it’s about shaping the narrative of a customer’s journey into the Lakeland Networks family. Each schedule crafted is an opportunity to create a positive experience, one installation at a time.