Empowering Business Communication at Lakeland Networks

Oct 12, 2023

by Branden Shiriff, Junior System Administrator

View of a computer monitor with meeting icons displayed.

Audio-video boardroom conferencing systems are essential to businesses for a variety of reasons, as they significantly enhance communication and collaboration among coworkers, clients, and business partners. These systems combine audio and video technologies to create immersive and seamless meeting experiences, regardless of geographical distances. They help with the enablement of remote work, as remote workers can actively participate in meetings and stay connected to the team at large. This helps foster a sense of inclusion and engagement with the entire team. Plus traveling for in-person meetings can be impractical and time-consuming. Video conferencing systems reduce the need for travel resulting in less expenses for travel. As well as reducing the carbon footprint of the business. Finally, they allow the business to accommodate various team sizes, from small internal team meetings to large-scale presentations for clients. This technology allows the business to adapt to its different needs.

Lakeland’s new conferencing systems help us achieve the above and more. Allowing us to connect regardless of team size or location. Plus, during the pandemic, our system allowed us to stay connected and safe while working remotely. Now that most of us are back in the office, the system helps us host meetings with our partners and colleagues, allowing us to connect in big boardrooms instead of virtually. These audio-video boardrooms help keep Lakeland flexible, allowing us to adapt to any meeting or conference that may arise.

Lakeland Networks employee leaning over desk and holding landline phone to ear.