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Diversity in the Workplace

At Lakeland Networks, safety is our core and always comes first. Safety in the workplace incorporates making sure everyone feels included, and equal. Our People & Culture Coordinator offers insight into what Diversity, Equity and Inclusion means and what that should look like in the workplace.

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Community Comes First

Our July feature in the Dockside magazine speaks about Lakeland’s desire to put community first. Whether that means the company’s relationship with employees, customers, or community locals and small businesses, we each gain mutual benefit from engaging with each other.

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2022 in the Rear View

As Lakeland Networks looks in the rear-view mirror at the successes of the year 2022, we can be proud of the many obstacles that we have endured, and our many accomplishments that have allowed us to make headway. 

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Family Atmosphere

Our small-town values and atmosphere set us apart from larger city internet service provider companies. Our family, here at Lakeland Networks, is dedicated to the team and is happy to get our surrounding neighbourhoods connected. Read our June 2022 issue in the Dockside magazine to learn more about our happy, hardworking family at Lakeland.

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Lakeland Networks’ IT Team

Lakeland Networks’ Information Technology Team ensures that Lakeland staff have secure, functional systems. Each team member plays a crucial, but unique role in reviewing, implementing, and managing core infrastructure and new technological solutions.

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Here For You

This past summer we had the opportunity to be featured in Dockside Magazine throughout the months of May, June, and July. Please read the article from the May edition to learn more about our team members and how we do our best to exceed customer expectations.

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How to Safely Dispose of Old Electronics

Electronic waste (e-waste) is considered a hazardous material. This article includes a list of locations in Muskoka where you can get rid of your e-waste for free, as well as tips for ensuring that the electronics you’re discarding won’t be putting your digital security at risk. 

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Engage the Employment of Summer Students

This past summer, Lakeland Networks had the benefit of welcoming students on board to join the team. In various departments such as marketing, tech support, and construction, students developed skills in their area of passion.

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Welcome Our New Team Member, SAM

The Lakeland Networks family is excited to introduce you to our newest team member, SAM, our virtual assistant who is available on our website 24/7. Please feel free to speak to SAM about any questions or concerns you may have regarding Lakeland services.

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