Proper Router Placement

May 12, 2022


A Lakeland employee plugs in a router

You’re relaxing at home but notice the quality of your internet service has become poor. Recently you may have rearranged certain things to keep it looking organized. You may have moved furniture, put things away, keeping them hidden and out of sight. Maybe your router was one of those things. If so, don’t worry, we understand; it might look great keeping it out of sight, but honestly, it ends up doing more harm to the network signal and speeds by keeping it hidden. 

A few things you might consider:

Make sure you have a clear view of your router from the other side of your room.

  • If you can’t see it, take it out from a cabinet or underneath your desk.
  • Keep it off the ground, place it on top of a table or shelf.
  • Keep it open, nothing blocking the router, facing towards the room instead of the wall.

Be sure there is nothing around the router that could cause interference:

  • Metal.
  • Electronic devices.
  • Brick walls, chimneys.
  • Microwaves, refrigerators etc.

Although it might not seem like it would make a big impact, it will greatly improve the quality of your service. As always, if there are any issues, you can always reach out to our support team where we will be more than happy to assist or answer any questions you may have.