Lakeland Over the Years

Mar 14, 2024

Written by Emily Anderson

We are an ever-evolving company. Proud of our successes and lessons, each paving the way to who we are today. We’d like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you about where our roots began. Let’s take a journey through time and explore the evolution of Lakeland Energy Ltd.

Lakeland Staff Installing Streetlight

Did you know that back in the day, our small but mighty team were the unsung heroes of streetlight maintenance? In 2000, we started out as a small team that focused on fixing streetlights and managing water heater rentals in our municipalities. Electrifying in the early 2000s, we began lighting up the scene by focusing on a wide array of electrical projects.

Fast forward to 2010, Lakeland Energy Ltd. had a lightbulb moment, realizing we wanted to shine even brighter in the technology world. The need for connectivity, even in our tightly knit community, was apparent as businesses and families in the area continued to grow. This marked the beginning of Lakeland Networks, a division dedicated to providing lightning-fast internet, phone service, and IT services to businesses across Muskoka.

Lakeland Staff Driving Vehicle

A major turning point for the company was in 2013, when high-speed internet and phone services could be delivered right to people’s doorsteps in Bracebridge! This was a new era of surfing the web at lightning speed from the comfort of the home.

In 2015, a game-changing $9 million government partnership was awarded to Lakeland to spread high-speed fibre internet services even further across Muskoka. Now, we were on a fast track to success as we finished the project ahead of schedule.

By 2018, our triple threat was born to keep up with a diverse range of needs within the community. Lakeland Networks was now offering a package deal including internet, phone, and digital TV. This remains our best offer in terms of entertainment flexibility, affordability, and simplicity while having local technical support who understands and shares these unique needs.

Our growth continued throughout 2019, as we made history by bringing fibre optic broadband to the Wasauksing First Nation Reserve, bridging the gap of connectivity between remote and urban areas. The expansion North continued in 2020, now serving over 1000 homes and businesses. A pivotal moment in this journey was in 2021 when Lakeland was awarded millions in funding to bring high-speed internet to rural communities, making sure more people had a seat at the digital table.

Woman on couch holding remote towards TV with Lakeland TV on the screen

The latest groundbreaking achievement for us is Lakeland TV which made its grand debut in 2024! Now, all Lakeland Networks subscribers can enjoy a whole new world of entertainment, including community channels and local additions tailored to our customers’ unique tastes.

Today, Lakeland proudly serves over 7,700 customers across Parry Sound, Muskoka, Almaguin, and Wasauksing First Nation, bringing tech-savvy solutions to a great deal of our community: a tech evolution worth celebrating!

Our history is covered with our values, of putting the communities that we serve first, sharing our successes with our neighbours, supporting local, and creating local jobs. We are always staying abreast of new technology and opportunities to aid in our growth.

Aerial view of Lakeland Lot

Our mission for the future remains, our vision is to become the preferred communications service provider for Parry Sound, Muskoka, Almaguin, and Wasauksing First Nation areas through the provision of exceptional local service and support. Let’s rewrite the future together.