Welcome to the Lakeland Networks Community Blog

Aug 21, 2021

Welcome to Lakeland Networks’ Community. We would like to give you some insight into who we are as a company—a company is truly its team of people. We will share our employees’ experiences, will provide IOT (Internet of Things) information and insights, and help you stay updated on new happenings. 

We are everyday people just like you. Let these writings serve as an education tool: learn about the different roles in our company, and know how each member of our team is important in serving you, helping us, and helping each other.

Our hope is that our Community posts provide you with a better idea of who we are. We primarily focus this area of our website on our current and future customers, friends, community, business partners, and employees. We are truly local. We love our backyard, our small-town community and, of course, our Internet connection. Each person on our team is invested in what they do, with a common interest in helping our customers and community. 

Most published submissions are written by an employee willing to share their experience while working at Lakeland Networks. As you read it will become quite evident how our every day experiences have shaped who we are as a team.  

Welcome to our Community.