The Right Direction

Aug 12, 2022

By K.L.

After graduating from McMaster University in 2020, I did not want to find just any job, but to find a place where I could begin my career in the GIS industry. Lakeland Networks gave me a place to nurture and expand on what I had learned in school, as well as gain new insights and hands on experience. Lakeland’s flexibility and care for their employees has not only allowed me to grow professionally but also allows me to work from home in beautiful Muskoka.

At Lakeland there are always new opportunities to grow your career and expand your responsibilities; and for me, Lakeland gave me a great opportunity to learn about an entirely new industry. Along with all my regular duties at Lakeland, there are always new and exciting projects to take on in the world of GIS. I have been able to use my knowledge of GIS and apply it to real world applications in telecommunications.

The support I’ve received from my supervisors has given me the confidence to share my ideas and helped me implement new and efficient technologies to improve the workflow at the company. I feel as though I feel I have grown significantly as a GIS professional and as a person here a Lakeland Networks and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future

Lakeland Networks employee K.L. sits at a desk chair in front of a laptop with map software open on it. He is smiling at the camera.