Digital TV FAQs

What if my TV is showing an error message?

Error: “no input/signal” or “no source”

First make sure the STB (TV Receiver) is powered on, showing a solid blue light.

If the STB is on, make sure that the TV is on the proper input or source that the STB cable is connected to. If you follow the cable going from the STB to the TV and find that the TV is set to the wrong input, you can change this by going to your TV’s remote and pressing the input or source button and selecting the input that the STB Box is plugged into.

Error: “can’t connect to server” or “looking for host name or IP address”

Reboot the STB (TV Receiver) and try again. Rebooting can be done by unplugging power to the STB until the blue lights disappear, then plugging it back in.

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