Fibre Internet FAQs

How do I work my fibre router?

Router Features

Our ONT (Router) allows you to log in and set up features such as Parental Control, Port Forwarding or Guest WiFi.

See: How do I log into my fibre router?

WPS Button

The WPS feature allows you to connect devices to the Wireless network without using the Passcode. This feature is beneficial for printers, TVs or other devices where it is difficult to enter the password. To activate this feature press the ‘WPS’ button on the router until the light flashes green, then press the ‘WPS’ button or follow the prompts on the device you are trying to connect. This should connect your devices to the wireless network.

Router Lights

Solid Green: Active and working
Flashing Green: booting up / getting update from Lakeland server

Solid Green: Connected to Lakeland Networks
Solid Red or off: Contact Lakeland Networks for Support

Flashing Green: Connected to Internet (flashes as data flows through the service)
Solid Red or off: Contact Lakeland Networks for Support

WiFi 2.4 GHz / WiFi 5 GHz
Solid Green:  Wi-Fi is active with no devices connected to it
Flashes Green: Devices are connected and data is flowing through the Wi-Fi
Off: Wi-Fi has been turned off

Ethernet 1-4
Flashing Green: When a device is connected to that port on the ONT and data is flowing through it

Phone 1 or 2
Flashing Green: Indicates that there is a voicemail when no one is on the phone, or will flash if there is someone on the phone.

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