Lakeland Networks Fibre-to-the-Home offers the fastest, most reliable internet service with unlimited data.

It’s the Internet that waits for you!

Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router Included

Our UNlimited internet service includes a dual-band 2.4Ghz 802.11n and 5Ghz 802.11ac Wi-Fi Router.

Unlimited Data – It’s all we offer

All we do is Unlimited Data and we don’t charge extra for it. Unlike other providers, we want you to use our service.

Capable of 1000 Mbps Download/Upload

Now your entire family can stream all the movies, music, photo’s and files they want, without any interruptions.

Our residential internet service includes a complimentary VOIP phone service. We are able to prioritize voice traffic over our network, which ensures your calls are crystal clear. You can even keep your current phone number.

Calling Features

Our service includes call display, voicemail, call forwarding and voicemail-to-email.

Province Wide Local Calling

Our local calling area covers 97% of the province. This means you can make free calls to your friends and family members in areas such as The GTA, Ottawa, Sarnia, Windsor, Sudbury, North Bay

Long Distance Plan

Each month you can use up-to 1000 minutes of long distance across Canada and the U.S. That’s almost 17 hours of talk time.

Lakeland Networks is committed to ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with our service. Our goal is to make the technology in your home simple, manageable and affordable.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Our support team monitors our network 24/7/365 to ensure you and your family are connected to the things they love.

Helpful, Local Support Staff

Our team of highly trained support staff will make sure your request is dealt with in a timely and satisfactory manner.

On-Site Service Calls

We will send one of our support team members to your house to troubleshoot your issue and ensure you’re satisfied.

Lakeland Networks offer additional services to help you take advantage of our next generation internet service.

Wi-Fi Optimization

Our team of network professionals can help you stay connected to the outside world no matter whether you are lying in bed checking social media or outside by the fire watching your favourite movie. We will design and install wireless hotspots that will ensure a seamless connection throughout your property.

Network Cabling

If you’re looking for a hard wired solution, our team of licensed installers can install network cables throughout your house. This will allow you and your family to connect any PC, Gaming Device, Smart TV etc directly to the Lakeland Networks router.

Cut the Cord

We can help you cut the cable/satellite TV cord and allow you to take full advantage of your new unlimited data Internet service. We will do a full evaluation of your current TV package and viewing habits. Once that evaluation is complete; we will then determine if you’re ready to cut the cord and help you select the best available streaming services.

* Our residential service also includes a free home phone service. Each month you receive 1000 minutes of long distance across North America. We also provide additional features that you would typically pay extra for including Call Display, Voice Mail, Call Forwarding and Province Wide Calling.


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