Preview : Nine for Exchange on Mobile

Welcome to our first “techie” blog post! The tech minds in the Lakeland secret lair plan on writing posts to give our opinions/reviews/news on a wide range of tech topics. Our goal is to help you understand the latest and greatest in the technology world, both for business and personal use.

For our first post, we thought we’d cover a topic we all know and love (or hate), e-mail. Whatever your opinion of e-mail is, we all use it and over time it’s become a critical business tool. Which is why having a functional e-mail client is important. Today’s post is a quick review for a mobile e-mail client. If you have a smart phone, chances are you’ll have at least 1 e-mail account setup.

Here at Lakeland Networks, we use Microsoft’s Office 365 service (hosted Microsoft Exchange). For those of us who have iPhones, the standard Mail application is the go to for all our e-mail needs. Apple’s iOS application supports most mail servers (including Office 365) and generally just works. The swipe left and right actions introduced a few versions ago, have dramatically increased the usability of the Mail application.

Our friends on Android front are not always as lucky. Let us consider the Samsung Note 4 for example. If you are using a Google mail account, the Gmail application handles all your needs. Samsung includes an e-mail application, similar to Apple’s. It supports all sorts of mail servers including Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange.The included e-mail application is great and Samsung has been updating the application to be more functional. For example, it now includes the ability to swipe to delete. However, for some of our “power users” it isn’t quite as powerful as they like. For these employees, we recommend and use Nine for Exchange on Mobile by 9folders.

Note, Nine is a paid alternative for included e-mail clients on Android devices.
However, you do get a lot for your dollar. 9folders touts “Nine delivers mobile access to Exchange e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes that is unparalleled” and offers “direct push” of mail with full support of Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync technology. In our experience, we do find that Nine is able to consistently receive messages before the included e-mail client.

Nine also has the ability to manage messages with swipe actions. Unlike the default client, you can customize the options on swiping left or right.

By going into the options you can change these settings.

You can add swipe actions for moving, deleting, archiving, marking as junk, marking as complete and flagging a message for follow ups. In addition, you are able to set both VIP people and VIP folders, which we have found very handy.

Once you’ve flagged someone, you can find messages with them in the VIP section.

From our first impressions, Nine is a great alternative to the standard mail clients on Android devices. Give it a shot!