The Hub Muskoka & Lakeland Networks

Lakeland Networks is proud to announce we have partnered with The Hub Muskoka to assist in the development of entrepreneurs, businesses, individuals and organizations from a diverse cross section of our community, inspiring and fostering innovative solutions to address the needs of the world around us. Located at 1 Crescent road in Huntsville, Ontario. The Hub’s goal is to provide a work space that foster’s innovation, networking and encourages their members to work together to achieve their individual goals. We are honored to provide The Hub with our Fibre Optic internet service and are excited about the innovative products and services that are going to be developed in this creative hot-spot.

The Hub features multiple desk's, offices and meeting rooms to accommodate any new startup business looking for a professional office environment. Every Friday, members are invited to attend a networking event that normally includes a guest speaker and some delicious food from a local restaurant.

Mission Statement: To empower people to step out of the confines of their day to day reality and move forward with a newly inspired, directed and energized sense of who they are and how they fit into the needs of the world around them.

The Hub is able to carry out this mission by working with strategic partner’s to identify opportunities for growth, offer logistical and planning support where needed, and teach skills that equip people to make change within their own lives and communities.

For more information you can contact The Hub via the following channels:(705)