Seasons & Suppers: An Online Food and Cooking Diary Powered by Our Fibre Internet Service

Here at Lakeland Networks we love hearing stories about how our customers are changing their lives with the help of our internet service. When we heard about Jennifer and her online enterprise, we just had to tell her story.

Jennifer is a foodie and loves photography. One day she decided that she was going to combine those interests and start a website to share recipes with the world. With determination and hard work she taught herself how to develop her own WordPress website and Seasons & Suppers was born.

As you will find out by visiting her website, she lives outside of Bracebridge and up until last year did not have access to fast reliable internet. When we spoke with her, she told us they were considering moving because of the lack of high-speed connectivity. Jennifer takes all of her own pictures and has to upload those files to the WordPress server. With their previous satellite internet service, the process of uploading multiple photos would take hours. Now that her house is connected to our network, this process takes seconds.

As you can see from the photo's we borrowed from Jennifer's website, the time and effort she puts into displaying the food she creates is amazing.Her recipes are outstanding with a variety of dishes for everyone. If you're looking for a Chicken Dinner recipe, she has 13 to choose from. Maybe you're in a hurry and need a delicious, healthy meal in under 30 minutes. No problem, she has 15 to choose from .

Not only can you find Jennifer’s recipes on her website, she also has a Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest account and a new Instagram account.

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Jennifer has received national acclaim and has had her recipes shared on other websites and media outlets around the world including: National Post, Eat In Eat Out Magazine, and Huffington Post, among others.

Be sure to check out Seasons and Suppers for some delicious recipes and beautiful photography and if you're talking to Jennifer, tell her Lakeland Networks sent ya!

We want to continue to share more of these stories to hopefully inspire more of our customers! Please contact us if you or someone you know is doing something unique online and we will share their story as well.