1. Connect to your Lakeland Networks Router either through a hardwired Ethernet networking cable or through the default Wi-Fi connection.
– PLEASE NOTE: If you Change the Wi-Fi while you are on the Wi-Fi. It may disconnect in the middle of the process and you may need to reconnect with some of the changes.
– BEST PRACTICE: Make Wi-Fi Changes while connected with a network cable.

a. To connect to the default Wi-Fi use the sticker located on the bottom of the router

– SSID (Wi-Fi Name)
– WPA key (W-Fi Password)

2. Once connected to Log into your Lakeland Networks Router

a. Open your desired web browser
b. In the address bar, type
c. You will be brought to a page, prompting you for your username and password
d. You can find the admin username and password located on the front white label of you Lakeland Networks Router

e. Enter the information and click Login

3. Click on the Wireless tab

4. You will see your 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz networks on the left hand side

5. Under each network select SSID Setup

6. You will now have the option to use the default name, or the name you’d like. You may enter it in the text field then click Apply

7. Just underneath SSID Setup select Security

8. Here you can use the default security key, or one of your own. You may enter it in the text field then click Apply

9. Please repeat steps 4-7 under the 5GHz network as well.

10. Once you have changed the Wi-Fi Name in the router, you will now need to connect your devices to the new Wi-Fi